Top 10 Benefits of Raw Dog Food

The benefits your pooch can receive from a Raw Food diet is more extensive than you may think!

With advantages to their all-round heath, energy levels and digestion, here are the top 10 benefits to switching to raw…

Shiny Coat

The raw dog food diet provides your hound with a lot of the right nutrients it needs. Which along with benefits for its health, comes with a visibly healthier and shiny coat!

Healthy Immune System

Dougie’s raw food has a lot of fatty acids and great immune system boosting nutrients. So your dog’s immune system functions on a far better level than feeding other common pet brands. This also means less trips to the vets!

Better Teeth and Breath

A more unlikely benefit of raw food is better breath. The raw diet will improve teeth & gum cleanliness which in turn helps for fresher breath!

No more allergies

As other pet food brands contain fillers such as wheat and corn, it can trigger your pooches’ allergies. Our raw food is cleaner with natural ingredients and no fillers so your pet will benefit from eating less products that could cause allergies.

A happy energetic dog!

When you eat better you feel better! So when your dog is eating lean protein without excess carbs and sugar, they feel great with a lot more energy.

Controlled Weight

A lot of pet owners can struggle to keep their dog’s weight down with a lot of unwanted fats in processed dog food. The raw diet has all natural ingredients that helps manage and improve their weight, with no excess carbohydrates, sugars, and nasties from processed food for them to burn off!

Poop a Scooping made easier!

Definitely a bonus point for the owner! With improved digestion means improved waste. A raw diet contains all the right stuff that a dog is used to digesting and none of the overprocessed ingredients meaning their waste is easier to clear up.

Increased Hydration

With a higher moisture content in raw food, you’ll find your dog is getting more hydration from their food.

Improved Digestion

The raw food option is a lot easier for your dog to digest. As is the same when we eat cleaner food than synthetic, our body processes the food a lot easier. With no fillers, additives, and preservatives in raw dog food to slow your pet’s digestion.

Less smelly dog!

When dogs eat processed food with additives and preservatives it can lead to your pooch having a ‘doggy smell’. But with clean eating comes a better smelling dog!

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