Dougie’s 80/10/10 prey model completes explained

A question we get asked quite frequently is what 80/10/10 actually is.

In simple terms…

For example, our Beef 80/10/10 is 80% beef (skirt, trim etc), 10% bone (non-load bearing), 5% liver and 5% secreting organ (kidney, spleen etc) which makes up the 10%.

Rotating the proteins over a week or so, means the dog will benefit from optimum natural nutrition.

The key benefit to feeding this product is that it gives your dog a variety of meats, offal, bone etc within a healthy diet, without the need to chop up and manage different meats. Our blocks are easy to store, so that you can keep a balanced and varied diet, without the hassle!

New to 80/10/10?

This product can be a great place to start when you’re thinking of feeding raw for the first time. A variety of meats are essential in all raw diets and we offer a range of single species or mixed species meats in our 80/10/10 selection. We also offer an 80/10/10 Mixed Box if you want to try a few and see which your dog likes best!

Wanting to add veg to your dog’s diet?

We also offer a range of 80/20 products which are made up of 60% Meat 10% Offal, 10% Bone plus 20% Healthy Vegetables (including Carrot, Kale, Spinach, Broccoli & Squash).